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Welcome to my Ramms+ein Shrine

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Welcome to Solitaire's Ramms+ein Shrine. In here are links to Ramms+ein concert videos, Ramms+ein Information (Interviews, etc), English lryic translations in the tables below as well as Mp3 links. Please note the translations may not be as accurate to the original German, these translations were made more for the English crowd, that is, these words are easier to follow along with as the songs play. Also note there are no Mp3 files here, only direct links to FTP sites elsewhere on the net. If they don't work now, try again later. If you know of any reliable Mp3 sites for any Ramms+ein song, please mail me near the bottom of the page.

Ramms+ein's Explosive Concerts
Click here for links to download various Ramms+ein Video Clips

Ramms+ein Information
Click here for Interviews and Information

Herzeleid English Lryics
Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen Mp3
Der Meister Mp3
Weisses Fleisch Mp3
Asche Zu Asche Mp3
Seemann Mp3
Du Reichst So Gut Mp3
Das Alte Leid Mp3
Hierate Mich Mp3
Herzeleid Mp3
Laichzeit Mp3
Rammstein Mp3

Sehnsucht English Lryics
Sehnsucht Mp3
Engel Mp3
Tier Mp3
Bestrafe Mich Mp3
Du Hast Mp3
Bück Dich Mp3
Spiel Mit Mir Mp3
Klavier Mp3
Alter Mann Mp3
Eifersucht Mp3
Küss Mich (Fellfrosch) Mp3

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